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Quarterly Contractor Update

Pacific Northwest EnergySmart Grocer: Year to date*:

Savings (kWh) – 10,167,363 Incentives Paid – $1,547,455

*Includes BPA ESG and individual ESG programs

Energy Smart Program — Updates

BPA EnergySmart Grocer Program — Success! EnergySmart Grocer would like to thank everyone who participated in the BPA EnergySmart Grocer Program. In total, the BPA ESG program saved 246,548,320 kWh — equivalent to removing 36,600 cars from the road for one year, according to the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator — and provided customers with $31,286,908 in incentives. While the BPA ESG program has ended, there is continued opportunity in the region, and the ESG program is now administered in five utility territories. The individual ESG programs are ramping up quickly. Please contact your ESG Account Manager to find out more.

Program Application and Worksheet With the evolution of the ESG programs, program management has developed a concise, detailed ESG Program Application and updated measure worksheet. Visit to find out where ESG is offered, and click on the “Rebates” tab to download the program applications for your territory.

Engagement Strategies — Quick-Serve Restaurants

Quick-serve restaurants, or QSRs, are restaurants that provide quick food at a fair price. These establishments present a great deal of opportunity for energy efficiency measures:

  • Refrigeration measures — An average of four to five refrigerated motors per QSR. Possibly gaskets on walk-in cooler/freezer entry doors.

  • General lighting — Interior and exterior. High-wattage metal halides are often found outside, while interior dining area and kitchens tend to use T8 lamps, with an opportunity to change to LED tubes.

  • HVAC — Great opportunity for VFDs at locations that have a low RTU count and high tonnage.

  • Kitchen VFDs — When the grill is not being utilized, the exhaust hood motors run at a lower speed, providing direct energy savings. A fan motor running on a VFD at 50% speed uses about 85% less power than one running at full speed.

However, it can be difficult to find the right decision-maker for a QSR.

Tip: Typically, the decision-makers aren’t store managers — they’re owners of multiple locations. Engaging multi-site owners and educating them about the program can evolve into a multi-site implementation project. To learn more, please speak with your Account Manager.

Supplier/Manufacturer Corner New technologies! — ESG programs are developing savings methodologies for three new program measures that have demonstrated increased adoption in the Pacific Northwest: hybrid condensers, permanent/synchronous fan technology, and heat reclaim. If your company manufactures or supplies equipment for these measures, or if you are a contractor that installs these technologies, please reach out to your Account Manager about participating in ESG programs. Advanced rooftop controls (ARCs) — ESG field staff has seen an uptick in advanced rooftop controls for HVAC systems. These controls reduce airflow, which can prolong filter life and provide better comfort when the units are not in mechanical heating or cooling mode. Please contact your Account Manager for more information on ARCs and help with identifying customers that may be a good fit for this measure.

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